We help people help parrots.

Thanks to many advances in aviculture, keeping parrots as pets is easier than ever. There are dozens of companies that produce beautiful cages to house our parrots in, hundreds of companies offering nutritious food to keep our parrots healthy, and thousands of companies crafting wonderful toys to keep our parrots stimulated.

Unfortunately, there are also thousands of organizations operating as rescue agencies and sanctuaries for the millions of parrots that are given up due to behavior reasons, and more of these organizations are cropping up out of necessity each year. Here at First Class Feathers, our aim is to keep more parrots in their current  homes by helping owners work through common but difficult behavior problems.

Who is First Class Feathers?

My name is Ashley Porter, and I am a professional animal trainer and enrichment expert with nearly a decade of experience working with several species, including dogs, horses, cats, wolves, rats, and parrots.

I began working with animals at local shelters as a child, and began assisting with training the shelter dogs as a teenager. I persued a career in veterinary technology, earning an Associate of Science degree through Penn Foster College, however, my passion was behavior and I chose to move in a different direction.

I began training dogs professionally in the spring of 2006, assisting families in choosing a dog, preparing for the dog’s arrival, and teaching their new companion manners and appropriate behavior. In the fall of 2007, I chose to specialize in helping families who were experiencing severe behavior problems, including aggression, reactivity, and separation anxiety.

In 2007, I also developed an interest in working with parrots after meeting a client’s Moluccan cockatoo. I began taking courses on companion parrot behavior and learning all that I could, and in the winter of 2008, I brought my first parrot home.

My passion for parrots lead me to work with them on a part time basis at a locally owned and operated parrot specialty store, where I partake in the day’s necessities, like feeding and cage cleaning. I also assist with hand-rearing baby parrots, and help customers and clients prevent future behavior problems and work through already existing behavior problems.

Why First Class Feathers?

I have owned and operated First Class Canines Training and Behavior Consulting since 2006, and following my passion for parrots, First Class Feathers was a natural progression. I now split my consulting time nearly evenly between working with dogs and working with parrots, but my goal is always the same: to keep pets in their current homes, and to help those without homes to find one.

The number one cause of death in companion animals in the United States is not a communicable disease, it is behavior problems. Simple but persistent behavior issues (like house soiling in dogs and screaming in parrots) often result in the animal being given up simply because owners reach the end of their rope – they don’t know what to do and cannot find reliable and trustworthy assistance from an educated professional.

I’m here to change that. I plan to focus on topics important to companion parrot owners, including diet and nutrition, enrichment, plucking, screaming, and training. I’m here to share my expertise with companion parrot owners, so you can look forward to tip lists, how-tos, and videos in the future!

What would you like to learn today?

In order for First Class Feathers to help companion parrot owners, it’s helpful for us to know a little about you. Tell us about your birds! Share your experiences, challenges, and questions by leaving a comment, and let us know what you’d like to learn today!

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